Monday, October 30, 2006

Strip junkie

I have known John Elnef since the mid-nineties where the vw scene in Denmark was a more tight knit affair. At that time racing was an exotic part of the danish scene. Surely, people had seen dragracing at Bug Run in Sweden, and sometimes the few racers Denmark boasted met eachother at dark parking lots. John has since then been on a mission. Studying, researching, trial and error has now made him a force to be reckoned with. There´s a lot of effort put into Johns racing.

When John is not racing he´s enjoying his cal looker which is infact his first car. John is a perfectionist and gets all the little jobs done (the ones I never do). Being able to paint things at work of course helps, but John is a master at the art of using his network of skillfull people around him. At the begining this car was just a well built cruiser, but look at the specs below. I think it would give a lot of hot cars a run for their money.

John and I dont see eachother as much as in the past because of the racingcalender growing, and me not being much of a racer myself. But once in a while Johns club MIB hosts swapmeets which I always attend.

1960 Buggy
closeratio race gearbox
superdiff SAW aksler
T4 engine 2365 ccm 222 hp
1/8mile 7,55 149km/t
1/4mile 11,95 178km/t

1962 Type 1
1600 gearbox
2176ccm engine

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