Monday, June 30, 2008

39.000 hits

Type 34 tool set

I spend saturday putting 1000 of branches through a huge grinder. Loud outbursts of "Tiiiimbbeeeer" had been heard in my neighbourhood for the past days. When you build a big garage you need to clear a equally big area. I actually loath people standing in their suburban driveway dressed like lumberjacks. There must be better things to do than having treesap on your hands, sweating like a pig. But the thought of my cars standing together in one room, 3 feet away from my livingroom could actually make me put on the gear and do real manual work. I planned ahead.. Saturday: Backbreaking, knuckle-shredding shitwork. Sunday: Helping a good freind tow a huge pile of N.O.S. type 3 parts across Denmark. Ohh and as always I brought home a little something for myself. This complete toolset originally given to all customers buying a new type 34. Being red i think it just had to live in my car. Thank you Thorkild for the most exciting storys from the old days and for letting me drive your oval to the cash-machine!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bugs Funny #2

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Back in black

Theres progress to find in the Guller garage. Now the hull is basicly rotfree and the plan is to assemble the undercarriage before rolling it off to the painters. Guller needs a bus transmission nose cone. Can you help?

Drag-queen or trailerqueen?

When the floorpan of Michaels "Swiss Cheese" was going to the sandblasters guess which trusted workhorse delivered the muscle?

Monday, June 16, 2008

38.000 hits

Before any great movie there is a period of great anticipation. But in the case of my movie it is a matter of me not being able to upload in a quality I can accept. I guess I just have to get the hang of you-tubing before promising you a 8 minute flick. But as you know nothing says I´m sorry like a half naked woman with her ass in the air.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Remember this?

I got a new computer! A 24" iMac extreme 3.06 with every tuning possible done to it from the shop. Its videotime.. I will post my first 8 minute video tomorrow. Until then - remember this? Those were the days. When time allows it I think I will have to visit my freinds in Angora.


I helped Jan dismantling his engine and lend him the tools to make it easy to put it back in the car. Jan kindly payed me with some treasures from his huge pile of vw stuff. I got a set of genuine axle boots with vw logo in them. A period "tuning" part also got a new adress. Both will go in my split beetle. Soon there will be no excuse for not painting it other than lack of money. Thanks for the parts Jan.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Highlight of my week

The panel got out of hibernation wednesday. We left the fastback behind for later. Yesterday Guller called me suggesting that I came to his workshop in my bus. "We could mount your cyclops eye" he said. Driving the short distance with the huge lighthousing on the passenger seat was like driving to a job interview or a hot date. I was curious as to how it would look yet nervous about drilling the holes in the black roof. We did the dirty deed and I think it suits the workhorse look of the car perfectly. I never wanted this car to look like a samba bus with its windows welded shut. No safaris no waist belt trim - no frills. I can´t wait to hit the high beam of this baby on some boy racer.