Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gullers Bus

Finally a sneak preview of all Gullers hard work. He did all the welding himself. His original jobdescription was welder/joiner of stainless steel, but this is still new ground to him. I think he did extremely well don´t you?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Michaels "swiss cheese"

Almost rot free after 7 grinding and welding sessions. The swiss cheese is no longer full of holes. Until now we have changed the following parts: Rear valance (keeping the H-panel), rear bumper hangers, rear fender fastener panels, End of heater chanels, the channels, the NOS vw firewall!, front inner fenders, and the entire spare wheel well in one piece. I can really recomend this part instead of joining the 5 parts yourself.

New Workshop • Drywall

I finally got started on the drywall part of the process. I also got the lights connected. I put op 50 meters of wire rails in the ceiling. The workshop is actually just a side project from my real project - the main house - which now sports a brand new bathroom. On top of that I have my friend Michaels "swiss cheese" on vacation in the old garage. I weld on that whenever my own projects is not enough.