Sunday, December 31, 2006


Champagne - check
Fireworks - check
Balloons - where the hell are the balloons?

Happy new year guys...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bad Camberg is coming closer...

Yesterday I trialfitted the body to the now nearly complete chassis. Even though I´m not any further than yesterday, seeing the two parts together rocked my world. Seeing the correct NOS exhaust pipe extruding from the now correct H-rear valance was the best! The photo is taken with my new phone. I hope to post a lot more now that I have the camera with me all the time.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lower than mine

Allthough not a big fan of reposting, had to share this baby from the Samba with you.
I Think you´ll agree, this is lower than my razoredge...

Kriller carries on the torch

A lot of the guys that were in to the scene in a big way, when I first started has vanished from the surface of this old crusty planet. Some of them still has a car or two sitting around but is no longer a part of the community. It is sad to see old friends go, but as refreshing to see new guys come along. One of the new enthusiasts is "Kriller". Kriller is well known for building Denmarks first bay window pickup with a nasty sting of Stuttgart origin. The workhorse was sold off and Kriller spent time building a nice workshop, sharing the space with two good friends. But something itches in Krillers mind. This is his new toy. A 1956 cab, which has been slammed and torched before gettin´a set of desirable Cosmic wheels.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

SNOT kills any enthusiasm

King Snot finally caught up with me. Saturday Guller and I played around with concrete at my house. Housebuilding is quite a different story than building a car. Loading tons of materials into the concreteblender in the pouring rain finally got the best of me. Sunday I had to pry myself out of the madras with my car keys before going to the infamous christmas party at "Angoraland". My body was broken! I took some pictures but snot on the lense made them go bad. Oh yeah, I finally found the ribbed semaphores for my 51 type 1. Sweet but not for free!