Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kriller carries on the torch

A lot of the guys that were in to the scene in a big way, when I first started has vanished from the surface of this old crusty planet. Some of them still has a car or two sitting around but is no longer a part of the community. It is sad to see old friends go, but as refreshing to see new guys come along. One of the new enthusiasts is "Kriller". Kriller is well known for building Denmarks first bay window pickup with a nasty sting of Stuttgart origin. The workhorse was sold off and Kriller spent time building a nice workshop, sharing the space with two good friends. But something itches in Krillers mind. This is his new toy. A 1956 cab, which has been slammed and torched before gettin´a set of desirable Cosmic wheels.

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