Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life and cars of... puppy

Its been ages since I added the T3d blog among my favourites. Paul Medhurst and his gang work through endless rows of buses and type 3s while they apparently are having lots of fun. Once in a while you´ll see a picture of a happy customer picking up their rides looking sweeter than ever. I wish there was a danish branch of the detectives. Then they could fix all the stuff I never get around to. Tomorrow my panelvan will go out of hibernation.

Wanted: Mirror, bits and bobs

I am looking for a few things for the razor:

• Door mirror like the one on the picture
• Passenger hold-on-strap
• The airgrill inside below the rearwindow
• Radio block off plate 67-

And of course.. the trim parts for the rear louvres.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Sorry - no vw relevance but it cracks me up!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pssst...First fix is free!

This is Jan. He smiles on the picture, but there is absolutely nothing to smile about. Jan is hooked on Volkswagens. Like a junkie he now needs a hit of v-dub juice in his veines now and then. Who talked such a nice guy into being a roaring addict? You guessed it. Old veteran vw-abusers with bad skin and crooked teeth told him that owning a vw would be heaven and it was not dangerous. Sadly Jan has a beautifull wife and well mannered kids that now will experience neglect from a father always in the garage or thinking about the drug. Today Jan will put on his freshly black painted engine tin, thinking that he could off course stop wrenching on that old bug anytime if he wanted to. Is that an incorrect enginepanel, there Jan? Shouldn´t that be an H-panel?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Smokey the bandit

No further comment!

Good Bye Lars Vegas

Parting with an old friend is never easy. But sometimes you have just outgrown each other. Lars had to say goodbye to his old pick-up. When I saw Lars for the first time he was living in a dorm room with his fine collection of cars and scrap sitting in the campus parking lot. Our history go back more than 15 years and we both got older. Lars has a family and still a lot of metal, but now in better condition. Lars and I talked on the phone the other day, about the fact that even though I´ve known Lars for that long I never saw him actually enjoy this fine piece of machinery. Maybe we should all think about what we are keeping for later. If you never get to use a fine vintage Volkswagen maybe someone else would? Does endless rows of restoration objects make you happy? Or is it the one thing holding you back from getting started on the first one? I remember visiting a car museum once. I got talking with the manager who kindly showed me the workshops. They had dividers between the future projects and the cars actually undergoing work. "If we could se how far we have left we would loose courage", he said "and the owner keeps buying stuff". Are you building a ghost town of cars and parts at home? and are you sure they are stored properly? Not to get all philosophical on you, but the budhist has a saying: Nothing is for keeps, everything is a loan.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

35.000 hits

35.000 hits - I never thought we would get that far together. The last week have been filled with cars. Lots of small stuff to fix on the razor before Hannover, a nice 16 car cruise to Mels Diner, a crazy last night at Kalø with well over 300 cars present. In Hannover the ugly "muss haben gespenst" showed its ugly head. original ribbed bumpers for the 51, SWF rearlight surroundings for the bus and a repro revcounter for the razor got in the bag. The super-mint-condition SP2 had to stay with the nice BBT man. My life cannot go on without such a beast..