Friday, September 29, 2006

Another notch in the post

My friend Thomas send me these pictures. Thomas and his brother Stefan went notchback-hunting in Sweden in the beginning of the week. They brought home what appears to be a beatifull speciment. I know I wouldn´t mind have it in the garage. The other picture has one of those funny stories to it. After the last event of the season Thomas, Stefan and their friend decided to grab a beer at a local bar, to "close the season". A guy in the bar noticed Stefans notchback and told them that his dad had such a car in the garage, just sitting there for 17 years. They went to check it out, and hopefully it falls into the right hands now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nephew Peters ride

This is Peter and his 54 judsonpowered oval.
Peter is a dear friend of mine. We have a lot of fun scrutinizing the vw magazines, going to swapmeets and running ideas by eachother. Would this accesory be cool or not so cool? A second opinion is always nice. Peter loves accesories as much as volkswagens themselves. Even though the pictures is fairly new, new parts have been added, others taken off. The car has a moto Meter set, Judson boost gauge, Hazet tool box, Fram oil filter, Marvel oiler, Abarth exhaust, Albert mirrors, N.O.S. pop outs just to name a few highlights. The oval is a original "117" threefold sunroof car and has won prizes at meets like SPA amongst others. I hope that this car will continue to shine and last as long as our friendship.

Today I paid the entrance fee for Bad Camberg 2007 - Looking forward to the adventure, Peter!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday is cruise night

Tonight, as every tuesday, I go cruisin´
The destination is Kalo, a weekly meeting of everything old with wheels and a combustion engine.
Souped up cars from the forties, english sportscars, old trucks, muscle cars and afterwar autos is everywhere!
On hot summer nights, the roar of 300 cars can be heard on the grounds of the medieval castle.
My carhobby was fading out when i first heard of this place. A local guy in a Thunderbird told me that this was for everyone.
Now I get my weekly fix of real cars, instead of flicking through magazines, dreaming of the next vw meet.
It doesn´t hurt to meet people that love another style or brand.
Today I hope to cruise the fastback. Just fixed the fuelpump (i think)

VWe miss Skagen!

The biggest ever Volkswagenevent in Denmark, was the now defunct "Bug Stop Skagen". The meet would gather hundreds of cars on a countrywide cruise from the german border to the peak of Jutland, Skagen. In August a unformel thread on the danish forum suggested breathing new life into the concept. around 90 cars made the cruise, and drivers and passengers alike experienced a bit of the thrill from the 90´s. My girlfriend shot a lot of the cars on the move, the way the factory intended.

The arabs are coming!

A nightly splitbus drive through Europe can be a drafty experience. Bypassers could be led to believe that the arabs were coming.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Wild goose chase

A friend told me of a rare military vehicle brought out of the DDR as payment on work done on a house by a danish contractor.
I immediatedly asked if it was a "Kübelwagen" a car used by the german forces until 1945. He contacted his friend who said that the pink slip read "Erstzullasung 1951". Maybee the car had rested for a couple of years after the war? It was in mint condition and asking price was under 10.000 euros. I was already measuring for space in the workshop for this juvel, and made arrangements for me and my friend "Guller" to go check it out.
I was actually thinking about bringing my trailer and the doe. The car was parked outside an old gasstation and I knew that a lot of old russian trucks was sitting there already. It sounded legitimate.

But look what I found...

A type 181, from somewhere in the 70´s not 40´s, painted badly in silver
The picture is taken from our car - speeding away from the scene. What a wild goose chase!

The workshop

This is where I tinker with the old v-dubs.
In the picture you can see the "Eurokruzr" a 1964 panelvan, the 67 fastback, my rat look razor edge ghia and the first car I ever had a 1969 type 1, modified in the nineties. You can´t see my 51´split or my 1952 westfaliatrailer in the picture.

I hope to blog pictures of my projects.

Old friend left me this car

Sadly my friend Thomas Broe Christen passed away in the year 2000, 24 years old (cancer) and left me this type 3 fastback.
For years i havent really touched it, but bought a few items for it, such as Porsche 2.0 L wheels a nice shifter and steering wheel.
I also bought the right rear fenders for it.

Recently Thomas´ sister Pia got married and asked if she could be driven in her brothers old car. Friends pulled together and made it happen. "Scooter" gave the car a tune up, Jesper Vang of Team Angora welded up the old fenders, my good friend René "Bom" painted them wednesday and after burning the midnight oil assembling the car, it was ready for the wedding saturday. My girlfriend made the beautifull flower-decorations in pink and cream.

Another adventure: Spa 2006

I hope everyone behaved on the course, so the tradition of cruising the circuit will continue.

A life of cars and carpeople

Welcome to my blog.

I recently realized that every day of my life has a car or carpart in it.
That in itself is not very interesting, but I also came to the conclusion that all these carparts bring a bit of life to me.

For my recent birthday I invited a bunch of friends out for dinner.
A lot of these people I met through my carhobby.
Nice people which I have ventured out with to other countries, experienced adventures with and had conversations with about just about everything. I wondered how my life would have turned out without that first car, a Volkswagen beetle 16 years ago.

In my blog i will post pictures and stories from then and now.
Hope you´ll enjoy it.