Monday, September 25, 2006

Old friend left me this car

Sadly my friend Thomas Broe Christen passed away in the year 2000, 24 years old (cancer) and left me this type 3 fastback.
For years i havent really touched it, but bought a few items for it, such as Porsche 2.0 L wheels a nice shifter and steering wheel.
I also bought the right rear fenders for it.

Recently Thomas´ sister Pia got married and asked if she could be driven in her brothers old car. Friends pulled together and made it happen. "Scooter" gave the car a tune up, Jesper Vang of Team Angora welded up the old fenders, my good friend RenĂ© "Bom" painted them wednesday and after burning the midnight oil assembling the car, it was ready for the wedding saturday. My girlfriend made the beautifull flower-decorations in pink and cream.

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