Monday, September 25, 2006

Wild goose chase

A friend told me of a rare military vehicle brought out of the DDR as payment on work done on a house by a danish contractor.
I immediatedly asked if it was a "K├╝belwagen" a car used by the german forces until 1945. He contacted his friend who said that the pink slip read "Erstzullasung 1951". Maybee the car had rested for a couple of years after the war? It was in mint condition and asking price was under 10.000 euros. I was already measuring for space in the workshop for this juvel, and made arrangements for me and my friend "Guller" to go check it out.
I was actually thinking about bringing my trailer and the doe. The car was parked outside an old gasstation and I knew that a lot of old russian trucks was sitting there already. It sounded legitimate.

But look what I found...

A type 181, from somewhere in the 70´s not 40´s, painted badly in silver
The picture is taken from our car - speeding away from the scene. What a wild goose chase!

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