Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy birthday, Suvo

Yesterday I visited Suvo Thomas´ 30th birthday reception held in his huge garage. The party boasted the best hot dogs from the famous "Stiller" butchers, lots of pineapple soft drinks and a good vibe. Suvo has done well for himself and has a lot of nice toys. I actually had no chance fitting them all in one picture. How about that nice panelvan with almost no km´s on it? or the imported Porsche 356, or the Karmann cab? Which one would you drive home? One car that would get your knuckles white and take your breath would be Thomas racecar aka. "The Nasty Grey, back in black". Thomas rolled this car last season and gave us all a big scare, but Thomas is not one to give up. New bodyshell full of "Angoratricks" and I believe he will race again next year. At the end of the party I got a indescent proposal. I let you know later.

Monday, January 29, 2007

1000 hits

Since I added the counter a week and a half ago, you have hit this page a thousand times.
Thanks a lot.

Sorry were closed - gone benchracing

This weekend I fitted the fenders, the hood and one of the doors. I also ordered parts from Hookeys for that damned piece above the engine. No donors seem to be good enough when scrutinized. Sunday offered hours of Discovery Channel and hot rods. Last week a good friend tought me about Coca Cola Zero. With 30 hp I will need to get rid of the airbag beneath my chest.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Getting out of japanese cars

Thank god for camera phones. Guller just landed in my driveway.

The teacher is in the AUDI-torium

Some of you may know Jesper Vang as the guy who cut up a split on the or the guy behind the "Ultrarat" or "Psychorat". But Jesper is also a skillfull metalworker and in the daytime he´s teaching young men to beat panels into shape. Jesper is always looking for a new daily ride, but I hope he keeps this one, A brown Audi of 70´ies vintage. Knowing Jesper, I think this car will have some cool wheels and be a bit closer to the ground soon. BTW thanks for all your help Jesper.


Mr. Winther of Silkeborg have send me this picture. Wednesdays a couple of guys get together deep underground. Here they talk about days of summer and polish their cars in anticipation of warmer days.

Picnic - Fat Chicks welcome

Now there´s finally a danish type 3 register - and they´re planning a get-together for the big sisters of the vw family.
Visit from my links palette, and be sure to register if you have one of these beauties and live in DK.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Its a date!

"Bugs under B√łgen" is a small danish event in the small town of Ebeltoft.
Mark 17-19 august if you like a small and cosy event with some of DK´s finest.


This car was stolen and recovered. Hope this goes to show that crime doesn´t pay.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Flower pot

I´ve been making a flowery design for Annettes cream 1302. We are not sure about the colours, though.
Please comment and keep in mind this is a girls car, not a hard ass callooker.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vintage Bug Selecta

Yesterday I came across these drawings I made in 2000. I assume everybody that takes the time to visit a blog as vw oriented as mine, knows the great opportunities of Bug Selecta, Bus Selecta, Type 3 Selecta and Porsche Selecta? But as you can see there was a time when I didn´t know and visualized my ideas "Flintstone style". The fastback I actually made as a surprise to my friend Thomas who passed away soon after. As some of you know, I still own the car. I know I have a lot of these drawings lying somewhere. Imagine if I find them seven years further down the line.. Wonder if you can make 3D models with your standard issue printer by then?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stickin it to the man

Today I visited the police as the bus and the callooker was actually old enough to have vintage vehicle status. It felt good to hear the tight ass lady behind the counter say that testing of the vehicles where now at eight years apart instead of 2 years.
I´m all for testing though but when you have more than one car it gets a bit tedious, especially as the cars doesn´t get used that often. How about that policecar? Needs a wiff of the slammingstick don´t ya think?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back on its feet

I finally got the parts for the rear brakes and could let the car back down from the axle stands. I borrowed Christian Duelunds stock wheels as I have not settled on wheel choice yet.

Friday, January 12, 2007

And dinky was his namo..

Helge from Custom Speed Parts just send me these pictures of a part of his toy collection. It feels good to know that people in the industry are themselves as big "nutters" as their customers. If you have pictures of period vw-related toys, accesories or memorabilia like Helge´s I would love to see it! Feel free to email me at

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sheees a model...

If you have followed my blog from the beginning, you may remember I reflected on people being the most important thing of this hobby. That you´ll make good friends, not because of, but via the vintage iron that you own. Sometimes these friends go out of their way to keep or make you happy. How about a friend using his spare time building a model of your project, slammed correct color, year and all? I wouldn´t trade this hobby for weekends at a stadium yellin´my guts out at my "friends".

Pod cast

I´m trying to finish as many small parts for the 51 as possible right now. My friend Guller helps a lot by media blasting the metal parts on a one day return basis. At his work the coleagues asks if something is wrong if nothing is to be blasted on his lunch break! This week I was kind of confined to the homely quarters, so I brought home the dash pods and took them apart. I had a lot of help from the forum on These things weren´t exactly made to be taken apart. The original owner had drilled a nasty hole in the clock pod for a switch for a 6V, three tone, air horn! The colors tricked me as one pod was painted different tones multiple times, then covered in black paint and crud. Next up is the gear lever, steering column and E-brake handle.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I always wanted to go there...

Through my motoring days, I have had my fair share of beetles painted. I have also been to a massive amount of shows and one thing has always puzzled me. Why does every beetle you see have paint peeling of at the ribs behind the air intake under the rear window. As my split window beetle was badly rusted on the inside the piece in question was to be cut out for access. I had it sandblasted and it is to be painted before we will reattach it to the now rustfree car. I hop this remedies the problem forever.

A nice rack

Peter kindly gave me this "Norema" roofrack he picked up for nearly nothing at a swapmeet in copenhagen. As peter is a beetle man himself, and the rack proofed to be of type 3 measurements, he opted to swap with me for a "cruiser pedal" for his heavily accesorized 1954 judson oval. The rack only had two wooden slats when Peter found it, so I had my dad make some up from a nice piece of oak. My dad is always busy although his not working anymore. He seems to find the time to help me though. I also like the thought of the machinery used for this little project is period perfect.