Sunday, April 29, 2007

Taking the long way home • Vol 1

Yesterday, when driving home from a good friend I took a detour. I saw some old cars sitting by a farm and decided to investigate. I was driving the ghia and the mad old man rumored to habitate the premises turned out to be the nicest but dirty old man. I dont have a lot of time to upload so heres a sneek preview of something VERY old and vw related.. I know what car its from but humor me and tell me anyway?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flying pigs at John Does blog

I´m sure I´ve presented the John Doe vdubs club for you. Hey guess what, now there´s a blog to go with the great attitude of these kind but crazy alcohol soaked people. Find the link among my favourites in the right hand corner of the page. Remember to set your points, change your oil, or hell even steal a car before the 26 th of may, when John Doe throws another fine party in Ikast. Am I staying home? - sure when pigs fly!

Monday, April 23, 2007

VW spells Happiness

Meet Stefan Winther. Stefan is the happy owner of two cool aircoolers. This awesome notchback and an equally stunning Karmann ghia coupe. When I call him the happy owner its because Stefan is the kind of guy that make a trip through Europe a bliss. Always smiling and with a ton of good vibrations in the trunk. Stefan and his brother Thomas will join us on our much awaited Hannover trip next week. Looking forward to see you guys. Sadly The guy riding shotgun in this picture, Mr. Gissel has to attend other engagements that weekend.

6000 hits • Nice rack

Always nice to return to my computer after a nice weekend, only to learn that another milestone is passed. 6000 hits deserves a nice rack. And on a black girl for extra pleasure. Ooh I WAS refering to the car.. Ultra VW kindly published some pictures I send them. Haven´t seen it myself yet though. My postman is leaning towards a written complaint. Magazines and parts are a matter of life and death!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Family hauler

Good friend Kasper "Kylle" is the new owner of this project. A nice N model 1967 squareback without too much rust. Kasper is already the owner of two notchbacks and a really big stock of nice type 3 parts. He´s also a vw toy collector. Kaspers family is expanding and the squareback is so much better than a piece of shit Berlingo with Disneyshades in the windows. Dont you think?

Meet Coco the dog

These past months have been a drag. My best friend passed away, and he left a gap. I work alone and having a furry friend riding shotgun means a lot. I have told myself time after time, let some time pass, let the summer be over with all its events and busy workschedule. But this young girl had plans for me. Coco is a 1 year old Italian Mastiff. She has been taken good care of by her previous owners, but they just had their hands too full and asked if I wanted her. The big test was her first Volkswagen drive. Coco is scared of almost anything. Stairs, asian cars, bicycles and mopeds. But she looooved the ghia once the backseat was laid down. She told us with a sloppy kiss.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flower pot • Vol. 2

A few months back I did a flower design for Annette. Under the post "Flower pot" you guys voted for the colour Annette liked best so the choice was easy. Yesterday my good friend Ole Solskin (which btw means sunshine) and his employees of AROS Skilte helped me make "Annettes cruiser". We had a great day in the workshop. These guys are used to slightly bigger cars. Does Tom Kristensens Le Mans racer ring a bell? Or the wild "Cult" promotional vehicles. Ole is a car fanatic himself and loves weird projects likes this one.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Yesterday we took the panelvan for a spin, joining good friends for ice cream. I forgot how well my old van drives. It puzzles me why people dislikes the balljoint beams from early bays so much these days. Its tight yet soft. Thats the way i like suspension anyway. The ghia flicks the oillight once in a while. Wonder if she needs a heart transplant or a new oilpressure switch. I would really like to take her to Hannover. Today I will pick up a new dog. I´m kind of nervous - will she like v-dubs?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Countdown vol. 3

Two weeks further down the road, images like this wil burn its way on your cornea. Check the date in the corner of the picture. At this time we where sitting in the bus after two full days of cruising, parts search and then some more cruising.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Duelunds Delight Vol. 2

I made this design for Christians surfboard. Christian is resto-cal-crazy and his 64 with colourcoded timecorrect caravan is sure to be one of the crowdpleasers this year. Hang ten, surferdude!

Gentlemen, check your fuel lines!

Yesterday I saw a horrific picture of a razoredge in flames on the M25 in the UK. I felt a big lump in my throat as when I first got the panelvan on the road it caught fire too (see picture). So today I had the local mechanic change the fuel lines under the razor. I know it is something I should do myself, but he charged me DKK 300 and who knows when I would have gotten around to it? Hannover is up, you know! CHECK THOSE FUEL LINES! NOW!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doctor V-dub's famous exploded loo

You´ll need:
• 2 onions
• 500 g. minced meat 10-12% fat
• Tomato Pure´(beauvais bottled one)
• Tomato Ketchup (prefer the 57´Heinz)
• Milk or better jet cream if you just dont care.
• Salt, pepper and a bit of paprika
• Some nice pasta
• Safety goggles (optional)

Take two medium sized pots, one for the meat, one for boiling your pasta.
Put water into one pot, crank that old stowe fully.
Put some margerine in the other pot, melt it.
Slice the onions in half rings. Don´t chop it - slice it!
Put them in the melted margerine and gently stir til slightly brownish.
Now add your minced meat - stir til gray
Add two large splashes of the pure´ keep stiring.
Add your seasoning - don´t overdo the paprika

By now the water for the pasta should be boiling?
Turn down the heat and add pasta, a bit of salt and a small lump of butter in the water.
For cooking time, turn to the directions on the bag.
When cooked throw away the water.

Back to the meat.
Add a bit of milk or even better cream to the mix.
Let sizzle while the pasta gets done.

Serve with fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and garlic.
Lots of coke or a nice imported beer.

Best enjoyed in front of a television set

Wheelers and dealers

A big thanks goes to the MIB crew that twice a year bring together the wheelers and dealers for the Easter- and autumn Swapmeets in Aalborg. The easter one is the best as you're full of anticipation of the new season. A good few new rides show up every year in various stages of completion. I love when people have faught fiercely to get done for an event. I loved the tongue in cheek Flying A Speedster/beetle/bus racetheme. Another great display was Henrik Henriksens gorgeus type 14 ghia project. Due to power issues i didn´t get a picture of it, but I will post one later. This car is awesome!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

34 days of mayhem

Remember how far your own car-project was one short month ago. I´m sure you accomplished a thing or two on it in 30 days? A pad on your back is due, as getting time to do these things can be hard. Full time job, family and other hobbies comes in to consideration. Imagine the pad on the back Søren deserves for getting this rusted out basketcase together in 34 days! Not only is the car now restored, painted and driving - its got a working homemade airride suspension, painted undercarriage and all the trimmings! I can hear you sitting by the screen in disbelief: "He´s must have had all the parts ready in stock, nicely primered and good to go". NO - parts like genuine fenders, heart taillights and pop outs were sourced within the 34 days. A decklid were sent to Norway for cabriolet vents to be punched in. As I wrote a month ago in the post "Look what the cat dragged in" Søren can turn shit into gold. Now on to your double cab, Søren!

Straight in from Pisa!

Just back from Tuscany, Italy. Not much aircooled to report about. Saw an early convertible and a Karmann Ghia Coupe. The people didn't seem to be much in to old cars all together. At noon everybody closed their small shops for a few hours, which for me seemed to be the perfect excuse for cruising. The architecture was the coolest and people were really nice. Sorry for my big ol´head getting in the picture...

5000 hits • Hunk hunk

I kind of promised a couple of female readers a treat for the 5000 hits post. After all they have to scroll past bikiniklad girls everywhere. But getting a nice young man to flex his muscles in front of a car is not that easy. Jesper Vang was the girls first choice but he turned down the generous offer! There's absolutely no pictures of a descent halfnaked man in front of wolfsburg iron to be found anywhere on the internet. I never thought my browser would have to search for words like "naughty male pin up in front of vw". So sorry girls, dont expect another hunk for 10.000!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The japanese connection

My dad just returned from the land of the rising sun. My sister and her family lives and works in Tokyo. When there he visited the world famous Flat Four hq. I was lucky enough to get him to bring home a limited edition black cherry gt steering wheel. It went straight into the Ghia. My dad took a few pictures. Little did he know, that he was standing next to some of the rarest vehicles in vw-history. Today I will be leaving for Pisa, Italy. I hope a nice vacation is in front of us. If I run into any vw-related stuff I will not let you down. See some of you in Aalborg saturday!