Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The usual suspects

In a world of Nigeria letters, trick thieves and people being robbed in their own homes this was bound to happen! A gang of smooth operators have specialized in taking advantage of weak individuals of the danish vw-scene. They are believed to be of eastern european origin. Investigators are led to this fact by the 90-style wardrobe of the suspects and the look of their crime-hardened faces. The name of the picture-file, found on an underground website, "BOHLAS" is probably a message in balkan not to mess with them. Beware of this gang if you are in the market for "Forkæler-parts" and the price seem to good to be true! The man with the hockey stick could be the elusive "Kaffe-Carsten" a master of disguise and roothless rim-polisher. Rim polishing is a rectum torture method, that is just as painfull as it sounds.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My friend René just bought a nice solid Bay bus. He called to talk about colours, wheels and stance. Busselecta is the place to go, I told him.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Visit Winthers garage

As you may have noticed I've added another link in the favourites palette. Thomas and Stefan Winther have created a blog where you can follow life in their new garage. Thomas owns the sweet early cab. Stefan owns the sepia brown notch and a type 14 ghia. As well as the aircooled cars these guys have a love for early watercoolers. I think this blog will be another one to follow.

20.000 Hits • Keep that ass in the air!

We made it! The eleven readers together have slapped this blogs ass 20.000 times! To make the next 10 thousand hits possible I would love for you to send me pictures and stories about your cars and adventures. Comments are also welcome. My e-mail adress is in the upper right corner. Don't you just love that ass in the air attitude - of the baja bug that is..

Another correct part for the split

Peter Plade finally gave in to my constant nagging about selling this sweet little airfilter for my split beetle. Peter intended to keep this one, maybe for a future project or as a trading object. Now it sits proudly on top of my N.O.S. engine. Thanks Peter.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Muchielago? Some kind of taco?

I've been searching for a replacement for the trusty old Touran my company owns. New tax rules may force me to drive something less "Commercial vehicle". My good friend Ole Solskin kindly suggested this bastard child of the Volkswagen family. Where am I to stuff that pallet of envelopes?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Memorabilia - one mans thrash...

I just ran across this picture in my stock. Have you ever thought about how much shit your family would have to haul away, sell and so on if you suddenly passed away. As more people build their own frontbeams out of old pipe this question is more pressing than ever. Of course, some of the items are quickly sold on the vw forums if your next of kin have the abilities to register to one. But what about all the "memorabilia"? One mans thrash is another mans gold. But who needs a periodperfect pedalcar this very minute? Or a 50´s era refrigerator letting out more CO2 than a chinese toy factory? Or how about the spare fuel can I just bought. Who will need that one when I go towards the light to drink vanilla coke with Dr. Porsche, Gene Berg and Aron E. Presley? Please send me a picture of something you own, really cool, but to the unknowing, completely useless.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The young ones own the will

A few weeks back I visited friend Mads Ibsgaard who were the host by a workshop-night. Mads actually lives quite nearby and I tried to gather the troops, but ended up going, just by my own company. The short trip in the panelvan made me freeze a little, and as the stereo blasted out eurodance and electronica I swallowed a coke and the fact that things are not what they used to be. Nobody goes anywhere anymore i thought to myself. Arriving at Mads place I saw this cool red car. It belonged to a young guy, who drove about the same distance as me. He had no roof, no windshield and no worries. I think everybody should look n awe at guys like this one - they may not be able to tell you how carburattors were built in the 70'ies or to rebuild semaphores, but they will keep the vw scene alive while everybody else are moving around elusive parts in a spare room of their house.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The search for the Cyclop's eye • Vol. 2

I got lucky, once again, on saturday. In the dark katakombs under the MIB head quarters the search party of Suvo Thomas, Guller, the new owner of the rat ghia and me finally found an adjustable headlight rim and a nos. headlight that could work with the third eye. I even got a new bulb in aged wrapping. Its a bit like buying the gun and the skimask before doing a bank robbery. I know I'm about to do something horrible. I'm going to drill five holes in the roof of the bus.

19.000 Hits

I've searched the net for a girl you haven't seen on all the other blogs. Its getting difficult, so this time a new beetle will have to do. It is properly washed though.