Monday, July 30, 2007

Errhh... whats up, bug?

We just returned from Bugs Funny #1. I really hope this event will return. It was a lot of fun. I thought I'd go there to show my support for a new danish event and didn't expect to much. We were welcomed by old friends I haven't seen for years. I realized that small local events like this one are really needed. Sad our party of six (three cars) were the only from Jutland. I loved a lot of things but here are the top 5.

1. the bar was decorated with carrots - bug's own favourite!
2. the mile-high type 181 with type 4 engine
3. drawing contest - I should have entered but got nervous...competition was fierce
4. no pocket bikes
5. coco loved the field nearby and enjoyed the beer and carrot menu

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New wine on old bottles

One of my suppliers, my favourite signmaker AROS skilte, send me a picture of this new beetle pick up. Its being built/converted somewhere in Denmark. If anyone knows more let me know. If anybody knows where to find a reichspost box van, call me day or night!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A visit from the ugly sister

Yesterday this nice K70 was parked behind my shop. I was in a hury, so I took a picture through my car window. Being watercooled jet with some of the aircooled charm I think she's cool. Could you imagine RO80 fuchs, extensive slamming and Golf Vr6 engine? Of course you would keep the golden hue, the beige interiour and the whole 70'ies detective TV-series feel. I've noticed a change in popularity of Golf mark 1's and T3 transporters so why skip these weird rides? I wish there was a "weird vw selecta" Then I could show you...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taking my best friend for a ride...Vol 2.

Coco got the chance to enjoy the spirit of the nineties. Nobody installs Porsche seats in Mercedes fabric anymore for their dogs to enjoy. Spending an entire weekend installing a fold down armrest from a Ford Taunus in a beetle seat is not common seen. Not a lot of Britax ragtops being sold these days either. I do enjoy the car and its "old tricks" once in a while though.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good taste lasts longer

This beauty caught my eye on a shopping trip to Aarhus. I remember this car from years back when it was owned by "Detail Henrik" of Aalborg. Before it was sprayed green I beleive it was blue with a type 4 engine. I took a couple of shots of it before I was on my way. When seeing the picture again I got to notice the Polo 6n in the background. I wonder if those ugly taillights and tribal vinyl graphichs will still be as cool as this cars motometer gauge set in 50+ years? Invest in precious metal!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cyclop on its way

I found this weird third light for splitbusses on Volkszone and had to have it. I haven't seen a lot of these in mainland Europe but they seem to be a big hit in the UK. You either love them or hate'em. I think they are really cool and can't wait to receive it. Thanks to Ray for holding the item while I found a friend with PayPal. Does anybody know the story behind these. Are they from fire and rescue vehicles? Where they sold as accessories or are they just headlights of 1940'ies US cars?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Sleeping beauty

A few years back the later version of the bus was something you didn't think twice about cutting up for parts. They have however gotten a lot more popular and prices have soared. Søren, Jesper and Christian of Team Angora was a bit ahead of time as they actually cut their teeth on bay windows. At the time they were plenty, and they were dirt cheap. The three friends were young and money were tight. Jesper had a panelvan on Mercedes AMG alloys, Christian had a late pickup with a 3.2 Porsche engine and tranny and Søren SP had among others this project.

The car itself is a 1971 crew cab. The fact that the indicators sit in the bottom on the front panel makes it an "early bay". Søren spend a lot of time restoring the body, drilling out original spotwelds, making up parts from scratch. But Søren also had some great ideas along the way. How about a "walk through" crewcab? (walkthrough means access between the cab and the passenger area, not to be confused with double door!) He drilled out all the parts from a deluxe bay and grafted the option in. A option never offered by Volkswagen but very cool. And how about some sunshine for the crew? A ragtop from a Renault Twingo fitted the bill. Genuine Porsche brakes will make the car stop when Søren wants to. There is plenty of other cool tricks in this car, and Søren has kindly offered to keep me updated. I miss the times when people mixed parts from different cars and styles. The project has been sleeping for a few years. But as Søren has sold of his famous airride squareback, the itch is back..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A mudbath brings out your beauty

This jet set girl is living proof that a good mudbath followed by a nice scrubbing peeling and a fresh layer of make-up will make you the hottest girl up- or downtown. Marc has taken it all in the stride and made his ghia survive being flooded in its underground storage facility. Good work Marc! Check out

Monday, July 09, 2007

13.000 hits

One night the argueing next door stopped. Never again did the neighbours hear the wife shouting: "Sell that damned vw or I'm not putting out no more - I wan't to go to Hawai! - Its either me or the car! Come to think of it, digging sounds were heard from the backyard that night. Well, nevermind...

Friday, July 06, 2007

More metal madness

For long time followers of my blog you may have wondered what happened to the split project. All though a bit on the backburner, its still alive. Just before Devil lady made me blind, I ordered these cool panels for the engine compartment. The yellow parts are the trademark of "Hookeys" in the UK. Sadly I couldn't find a piece from a donor car good enough so i called Steve who swiftly send me the corners. The middle piece is to my knowledge not available from any parts supplier so I had Jesper Vang make one up. Such a pitty he's not into v-dubs anymore. We really miss him don't we?

For nice fitting panels...

10-4...chhhtt... I think we have a convoy..

My bus aint no beauty queen. But she is a lot of fun! Last weekend we took her, the 1967 MKP and the "Goldbergs" to the lakes of Silkeborg. Camping and Kannoing makes me smile. Hot coffee from transportable gas stove by a lake is something the Toyota drivers will never comprehend.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

12.000 hits • Finally a use for water

You sure come by to visit the blog a lot. If its still you 11 guys out there you have been here 1090,9 times each.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting back into shape • Vol 2

More pictures from the wizards lair. Peter was kind enough to once again waste his boss' money by stopping by at the panelbeater to shoot a couple of pics. Now the metal is straight again. He even tried to straighten the weird headlight ring for me - I think with some luck. Of course it needs rechroming. German Karmann Ghia part supplier Lars Neuffer found a N.O.S. complete bumper for me. All these nice and talented people make it really hard to be pesimistic. The painter have looked the car over today and found that some of the primer and paint don't work to good together resulting in peeling. I believe the entire front will be stripped before repaint.

Less is more

Sometime less is more. Esben is a man of few words. He's not the guy at the car show holding court telling people every detail about his ride. He's not at every show either. Sometimes I run across Esben at swapmeets. He's often carrying stuff for his vast collection of vintage racing motorcycles. Esbens new toy is every bit as subtle as his personality. No frills except the mandatory fire extinguisher. Check out the periodperfect licenseplates. If ever there was a cool kit car this is the one. Why build something that looks italian out of german parts. This is more like it! I would love to have this baby in my garage!

Monday, July 02, 2007

More scientific evidence...

From our research and development unit in Aalborg we have received this piece of cruising history. Subject A: "Uncle Poul from Aars" was nothing less than the winner of the first danish cross country motorcycle rally. Then as now, cruisers are being drawn to the top of Jutland. These days its for the resurection of the old danish "Skagen" vw meets. Subject B: is Rasmus "Rasser" who besides building his engines by himself has a nasty cruising habit. The relations between subject A and B clearly adds to the overwhelming evidence that cruising abilities are infact enherited. Rasmus has also got the racing gene surfing around in his body. Wonder where he got that from.

P.S. I still need type 34 headlights and bumpers!