Friday, September 28, 2007

Wheels of fortune

For quite some time I've wanted to get a hold of a set of 16" stock wheels for my 51 project. Jesper Vang is one of those guys that go out of his way to help. As he said yesterday: "I did a good deed today, I'll sleep well tonight". When he said he might be able to get me what I wanted, I didn't dream of a small truckload of newly painted rims! Theres some 15"s a few 14" type 181 and both pre- and post 1950 16 inchers! Thanks a lot Jesper. If anybody need a nice set of stock wheels, give me a buzz.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A year ago I told you how I felt like a Submarine kadett going on a half year mission, waving goodbye to the girlfriend on the dock. I felt that way because of the season being over, and the car being locked up in my cosy workshop. Last season was the greatest! That was why it was so hard to say goodbye. This year its not so tough. We didnt go camping as much because of the house project, the ghia did win a price in Hannover in may, but was destroyed in Manntorp in june. Rain made almost every event a pest. So this year I just had enough. Its like when you where younger and you went drinking for days. As much fun that could be, a time came when you just wanted to go home and sleep. If I have to highlight one trip in the bus it would be Bugs Funny - that event was like the good old days before a profile on a vw forum made you an enthusiast. Skagen was cool to, but to many people stayed at home waiting for the pictures on the forums. On the picture you see the bus and the fastback going into hibernation with a lot of really cool cars. Its my good friend John that has let me use a bit of his space this year. The vws are going to sleep with girls called DeLorean, Lotus, Jaguar and Mercedes.

Getting back into shape • Vol 3

Peter, once again, drove by the painters to check up on the ghia. A bit of progress, but not much. The painter promised me the car back by the end of september, but somehow I dont think he is gonna make it. I still need to find a place for her for the winter. I hate the fact that the cars are gonna be scattered all over the place this winter, but thats how it is going to be.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spies like us

One of this blog´s trusted contributers caught this rare sight on a dull afternoon in front of a Wolfsburg warehouse. We are heading for a long winter, so any contributions in form of pictures and stories will be more than welcome. On my own turf, the cars are in storage. I never tried this before. Havin' to leave my cars alone for 6 months, but 2008 is the year I will build a garage by my house that will hopefully provide everlasting cover.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice flat with outdoor kitchen

When we were driving to Skagen Guller and I talked about the pro's and con's of type 2 ownership. As I told him: "Once we turn on the WWII petrol light and open the cargo doors people will forget the couple of minutes faster their cars where on the trip. They are going to want a bus - NOW! The cosyness and heat was 2 pro's quickly winged off. "You can haul a shitload of stuff in a type 2". "People will come by, wondering why your food tastes better than theirs. Because you have seasoning and dressings in stock, always ready to go". Remember not if, but when, you buy that type 2, make sure you buy a driver with a memory better than mine. We forgot all that cool stuff, but three freinds with two forks will make it work. "I never really use the fork - one of the guys said". When driving home I thought to myself: "Does he just poke everything with the knife, and bite it to pieces? Maybe he was just not putting himself first?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Post no. 200

18.000 Hits • Clothing optional

Clothing optional beyond this point. Would love to drive around naked in that cab... Not sure the rest of the world would approve?

Welcome to the family!

Henrik has just recently bought this notchback. He joined us for the Skagen event and we had a really great time. Barbeque will never be the same, once you tried to grill frozen chicken in absolute darkness. Henrik is just the kind of guy that will blend perfect into the community. I hope you all make him feel welcome. Is this low milage notch on chrome wheels the sweetest thing since 17.000-hits-girl?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

17.000 Hits

OOppss! Almost forgot your price for 17.000 hits. Thomas Winther reminded me!

A 9968

Karsten from Skagen owns this awesome coralred oval. He wrote me to know if we had "shot" his ride. Off course we had.. one of the coolest rides in the convoy to Skagen. Please note that Guller did the shooting, I only did the driving and the photoshop work. All these pictures were taken with my old Canon Powershot G5. Its really slow, but does nice contrast and blending.

Monday, September 10, 2007

VWe miss Skagen! • Vol. 2

This weekend Guller and I drove the bus to the top of Denmark for the unofficial Skagen event. Nothing beats driving on a multi-lane road with a lot of other vw's. One thing I really like is that you can actually see the cool rides in their right element, and not on a piedestal. Why is it that at every other event the cars come out of nowhere in small packs of 3-5 cars. How about a GIANT cruise to Hannover, Spa, Bug-Inn or Manntorp. Remember new people get drawn into our hobby by seing something they want to be a part of - a great lifestyle! I think you shoud join us next year. Guller took the pictures. I gave them a quick photoshopping - enjoy!

Type 2's drives like boats!

We picked up this sweet american redwood kanoo a couple of days ago. Quite a sight when we where driving it home!

All grown up

One of these creatures turns 33 today.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What a birthday bang!

Remember the bithday parties of your younger years? There was usually a surprise for the guests when they showed up. The ones that stayed at home wouldn't get a piece of the cake. They would never meet Bongo the balloon-clown or join the treasure hunt. At Herning Bugs birthday there was everything a birthday should have: Cake, fun and games and the big surprise was the large amount of guests in really cool cars. I posted a few of my favourites. I wonder if there was a better birthday party some where in the world on that same day? One with more than two Fridolins on one spot! I drove my old Golden type 1 and had a rendevouz with the Winther brothers in Silkeborg. We washed the cars and had a ceremonial 1 minute park in the old "pitten" park in front of the Shell station. 15 years ago this was the closest to the cruise nights in the US.

The search for the Cyclop's eye

As you already know I bought a cyclops eye spot for my bus in the UK. Well the housing anyway.. I still need to find the old headlight itself. My chase took me and Guller to this guys collection. His an avid Opel-fan. I couldnt get all the cars in the pictures, but here's a real collector! Theres a late bay window in there that might just be for sale.