Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The search for the Cyclop's eye

As you already know I bought a cyclops eye spot for my bus in the UK. Well the housing anyway.. I still need to find the old headlight itself. My chase took me and Guller to this guys collection. His an avid Opel-fan. I couldnt get all the cars in the pictures, but here's a real collector! Theres a late bay window in there that might just be for sale.


Anonymous said...

Hi my friend, where you lucky to find a headlight then?


Anonymous said...

Hej Gustav.
Ser da ud som et godt sted i har fundet .. :-)
Hmn... er det den orange bay du snakker om?

Tina & Rene

Gustav_t said...

Nope.. No such luck. I better search for a place with british cars, even though they give me the creeps.

Tina & Rene: Ja rar samling, ikke. Ja det var den eneste vw der. Måske er den til salg?

Anonymous said...

Det kunne være rart hvis den var eller bliver :-)
Vi søger nemlig en bus............ :-) :-)

Rene og Tina