Monday, September 17, 2007

Nice flat with outdoor kitchen

When we were driving to Skagen Guller and I talked about the pro's and con's of type 2 ownership. As I told him: "Once we turn on the WWII petrol light and open the cargo doors people will forget the couple of minutes faster their cars where on the trip. They are going to want a bus - NOW! The cosyness and heat was 2 pro's quickly winged off. "You can haul a shitload of stuff in a type 2". "People will come by, wondering why your food tastes better than theirs. Because you have seasoning and dressings in stock, always ready to go". Remember not if, but when, you buy that type 2, make sure you buy a driver with a memory better than mine. We forgot all that cool stuff, but three freinds with two forks will make it work. "I never really use the fork - one of the guys said". When driving home I thought to myself: "Does he just poke everything with the knife, and bite it to pieces? Maybe he was just not putting himself first?

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