Wednesday, September 26, 2007


A year ago I told you how I felt like a Submarine kadett going on a half year mission, waving goodbye to the girlfriend on the dock. I felt that way because of the season being over, and the car being locked up in my cosy workshop. Last season was the greatest! That was why it was so hard to say goodbye. This year its not so tough. We didnt go camping as much because of the house project, the ghia did win a price in Hannover in may, but was destroyed in Manntorp in june. Rain made almost every event a pest. So this year I just had enough. Its like when you where younger and you went drinking for days. As much fun that could be, a time came when you just wanted to go home and sleep. If I have to highlight one trip in the bus it would be Bugs Funny - that event was like the good old days before a profile on a vw forum made you an enthusiast. Skagen was cool to, but to many people stayed at home waiting for the pictures on the forums. On the picture you see the bus and the fastback going into hibernation with a lot of really cool cars. Its my good friend John that has let me use a bit of his space this year. The vws are going to sleep with girls called DeLorean, Lotus, Jaguar and Mercedes.

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