Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trust me, it wont come down!

The past few weeks have been busy on more than one acount. Lots of car events to attend to, a busy work schedule and my house project. Today the floor was laid after months of digging, tearing down walls and redirecting pipes. I have to thank the people that put in the muscle to help me out. Well, Nørholm used his brain instead of the muscle.. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your effort!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

8000 Hits • Red hot

Thanks for stopping by. Keep mailing me stuff and commenting - keeps me going.

Time for intervention

Sometimes you stray from the righteous path and you need good friends to intervene. Maybe you took a liking to cough medicine or alcohol, maybe you gambled away your childrens pocket money, you took a wrong turn but good friends will love you and sit it out. When you get out of the haze of the drugs, pay the loan sharks and your children have forgiven you, you'll thank your friends for taking Jack Daniels out of your hand, holding your hair while you puked, taking you home.

Dear friends: Lars needs or help. Nobody in their right mind buys a Suzuki Cabriolet led alone gets it documented on film. Word has it, that Lars is going to the Ikast venue in this horror of a vehicle! I hope people close to Lars will pull through and save him. Put pressure on the man that has a beautifull Porsche, a type 2 pickup and a superrare swiss-spec Fridolin in his garage.

It´s not to late, Lars - walk towards the light!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The treasure of the one-eyed pirate

My old friend Peter "sore-eye" has travelled the seven seas to find another treasure. He and his trusted pack of pirates sailed for many days and many nights, living on rum alone. Look at the nice "pirates guns" who almost look like the much sought after heat exchangers for 25 hp engines. Peter got a piece of metal in the eye, so I couldn't help myself with the pirates theme. The parrot was borrowed from a guy named google and wasn't harmed. Get well soon my friend! AY-AY Captain!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Think BIG

Meet Mikkel. Mikkel is the owner of this swedish Notchback imported last year. He's also the new owner of BilTing in Silkeborg, a shop full of autoparts, recently moved into new premises. Mikkel is not afraid to take a chance in life, and I respect that. He also took a chance adding those huge chromed Porsche wheels to that lovely little car. I think it looks spot-on with the near-porsche-color. In the last 5 years the style-police have dictated 15" retro wheels for everybody. I think a change is really nice. Sorry for not posting for a week, I've been busy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The year of the danes!

Getting a table at Mel's diner on 1st. of may is harder than getting NOS parts for your schwimwagen. But look at all those familiar faces taking no hostages. This will be our year. We want the burgers, the milkshake, the works! I've never heard so many danes since I was at a bacon-festival in spain. I anticipate an even larger gathering of danes in Hannover 08. How about Manntorp? Anyone going there this year?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Home is where you hang your hat

Christian is going to sleep in luxurious accomodations this year. Last season he bought this Graziella caravan for his resto cal bug. But Christian didn't feel quite at home before the caravan was colorcoded to match the car. If you look closely you'll notice that the pop-up section of the roof matches the rag top of Christians car. How cool is that! I cant wait to see this entourage on its way to a vw-inspired barbeque. Good work Christian and thumbs up to painter René.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Let the sunshine in • your cruiser-tunes?

I wonder what happens to the music being played in open cars? Where does it go after you had your fun with it? Does it travel to another persons ears, make them listen and buy the album? Or is it just hanging around in their head, making them wonder if they will get to know who the artist is? As some of you know I did spend a lot of time before of may to get my Ipod/coke cooler music setup to work. When it finally made its first loud cry, shredding my ears I had very little time to download the right music for a 1200 km. cruise to Hannover. I just couldn´t remember any titles of great cruising songs! I'll start and I would like you to post a comment stating what YOU think is great tunes to ride to?

• 1 "Let the sunshine in" Milk & Sugar remix
• 2 "Has your man got soul" Milk & Sugar remix
• 3 Sash! Equador
• 4 Chris Rea "The beach"
• 5 Barry White "Lowrider"
• 6 Dance Chart "I need your lovin' - like the sunshine"
• 7 Rammstein "Benzin"

Don't be shy!

Monday, May 07, 2007

7000 hits • Ready for take off!

Another 1000 hits accumulated. I would love to get your feedback as the blog evolves. On a sad note Jesper is throwing in the towel, selling his awesome rides. It has got me thinkin'. I would dry up like a raisin without the sunshine of vw-ownership. I appreciate the fact that I would be a rich man if I hadn´t sunk all my cash into wolfsburg iron for the last decade and a half. I hope to stay in contact with Jesper, though.

The one thing you dont want in your driveway

26 th of may is coming up. If your are in your right mind, chances are that you have an aircooled car ready to go. John Doe Vee Dubs is the place to be that very day. Poor Lars will have to wrench on this old beater. Its no Volkswagen, but it will have to do. To compensate for the wrong emblem on the decklid, Lars has popped it open and will let in a nice reconditioned engine. After all the one thing you wouldnt want in your driveway on the 26th is a car that wont run? Love your car Lars!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Caught in the act

Global warming - cruising with no purpose. Guilty as charged!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Taking the long way home • Vol 2

No work is getting done today. Might as well post the promised pictures of my "dirty old man adventure". That didn´t come out quite right, did it? Anyway here´s some of the pictures I took. The right answer to the small quiz was "Early bandoor panelvan". Notice the distinctive shocks. I´m sorry to say that the car was infact driven to this spot, and left to die. It wasn´t that many years ago. Don't leave old cars outside for long time. Rent an affordable lock up or this is what happens.

Hannover - wish you were there!

I wish I could shake mr. Nordhoffs hand, thanking him for all the beautifull cars at 1st of may in Hannover. I would also thank him for the friends, the experiences and the euforia this hobby brought me, once again this week. Without this hobby I would never have seen my friend Søren taking on the german authorities in a inferno of sparks in front of Mel´s Diner. Neither would I have to pull over by the roadside because of laughing so hard tears made it impossible to drive. Winning a 1 st prize at an international event was not to bad either. Can´t wait to see the video material on the Angora website. Jesper didnt make the trip because of gearbox problems and have decided to sell the rat ghia. I hope he keeps it. They are the perfect couple.