Friday, June 04, 2010

First heartbeat since 1979

Yesterday my friend Guller and I visited "VW-arne" who is a guy with many years of experience as a vw mecanic. I bought the NOS 30 hp engine for the Split bug of him about five years ago and we agreed to start it up together when the time was right. So we hauled the floorpan to his house and had the ceremonial ignition and she fired right up - the car has been silent since 1979 when it was disregarded by it owner and left for dead in a farmhouse. I do need a 25 hp distributor - I want my NOS 25 hp cap on to make it look somewhat right.

Goodbye to the swiss cheese

Michael became a father a month ago which meant he had more important obligations than being in my garage looking over my shoulder while I was welding. So I took the last few sessions over a long weekend and got it done. I delivered it at his home adress just as his new little family got back from their first drive together. Man was he pleased to see a rotfree oval in his driveway. I am really happy with the replacement of the mangled quarterpanel inner-fender. The new used one ,who besides being pink, looks completely at home was a fun and challenging job to do. Now of to the sandblaster then paintshop.