Tuesday, February 27, 2007

3000 hits • Brasilian style...

A couple of days of work and no play, you return to your blog, and the 11 notorious friends have again visitited the blog 90.0 times. You sure are busy surfers! Today I have selected this brasilian treat for you to groble at. As a side remark I got offered one of these babies (the car, not the girl) a few weeks back. My friend from a few years back lives half of the year in Venezuela. He´s into early corvetes, and says every time he goes to look at one theres 8 of these standing around it. It is not a 412 all though the lights are somewhat similar.

Friday, February 23, 2007

French dressing

Steph from France uploaded this beauty on the angora website.
How do all these nice people from abroad surf by?
I think getting to know people from other countries will only make our cars better.

Steph wrote...

hello gustave,
my name is steph, i'm french, my car is a type 34 1964
sorry for my english very bad, congratulations for your cars and your blog.
i love the music in your first clip, is it possible to know the name of the song about your clip please??????
i send a picture of my car..


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The end is near!

Outside the snow is falling like crazy. Yesterday I visited with friends Gitte and Lars. My old friend Ole also joined the fun. We had so many laughs. It felt good to talk about old times and alternative ways to pay the bills. Lars is currently pulling the engine from his Porsche 356. If anybody has a 1720 or 1600 cylinder/piston set for a 356 let me know? On my journey home I swung by Peter. Peter and I spent a good hour browsing through photos on his computer. Talking about the cars and the people on the screen. When this image met us I started counting the days before we can put the arm in the window again. When I say the end is near I hope this snowstorm is the last of King Winters cold grip before sunshine and cruising rules again. Hang in there!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Excuse to cruise

Be sure to attend this event. I know I will!
Click on invitation for bigger picture.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wild goose chase vol. 2

When the neanderthals got a blow to the head, got bit by a dinosaur or tried to drag home a wife by the hair and it turned out to be a wig, they shooked their head and moved on by pure instict. Thats why we still today, when met by disappointment just go on. It is also the reason why homo sapiens wants to be fooled again and again. My good friend Lars Olesen called me some time ago with a hot tip on a vw powered, 4 wheel drive, ice resurfacing machine. You know the gizmo they drive around on the Ice Hockey rink before the game. Could it be a Kommandeur-wagen modified to suit? Sadly no. But it did have an early 1500 type 3 engine, sidedraft carburator and all. On to the next wild goose chase...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trailerpark trash

Check out this cool entourage from the Beck´s beer company. You know how projects gets pushed aside for a while because of new cars or other stuff. Well before I got the two ghias I was in the process of making such a small train. Eventually I will get the 1952 funeral trailer painted to match the panelvan. Maybe I´ll even put airride on it..

Becks picture courtesy of Type3 kai of German Air Cult. Thx kai.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy birthday King Frost!

I had a brief visit with Per Frost a few days back. Even though it was Pers birthday he took the time to leave the party and get us some parts he had kindly transported for us. Its nice to have a birthday party, but giving a workshop tour is better. Before Per left us for the happy birthday song he showed us his Type 14 ghia, his panelvan, a star from a famous danish TV show and the Porsche 912 engine waiting to be let in the old commercial vehicle. Per also owns a "Hens teeth": The Karmann Ghia TC. Next year I would love to gather my red razor, Jørgens red judsoned lowlight 14 and Pers red TC. what a photo shoot combo. If you guys are up for it, let me know. Does anyone have a later model Ghia cab in bright red?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend fun

Friday night I had a short conversation with Jesper Vang, the new owner of the rat ghia.
J: "What are you doing tomorrow?"
G:"Nothing? Girlfriend is at her parents for the holiday.."
J: "Swing by - we´ll slam your new ride"
G:"Cant be done - have to redrill the brakes for Porsche pattern - have no tires"
J: "Be here at eleven...bup..bup...bup..bup"
G: Hello.. Hello?

Check out video of the result at the angora racing forum. And don´t miss hoodride.com - frontpage!
Thanks for all the help guys and for cheering me up.

Too much danish will make you puke

Too much of a good thing is bad. Everyone knows that. I had to much of my favourite danish vw forum for a while. I was misunderstood and the minute I logged off people I considered friends made a complete thread to diz me. You can´t be everyones friend. Im 32 years old and I know that by now. Now there´s 3 or 4 less to choose from. You´ll have to pass those bisquits around amongst yourself boys.

2000 Hits

In a popular danish forum someone mentioned that my 11 closest friends were the only ones visiting this blog.
Congratulations! You have been here 181 times each within a couple of weeks.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Chrome wont get you home

Spend last night assembling the newly chromed bumpers for the ghia. Even though I had a lot of cars through the years I never actually had anything chromed myself. Always bought stuff allready dipped. This time was no different. With the Ghia followed boxes of wrapped parts that were perfectly chromed. Imagine unwrapping these babies on the floor while listening to your favourite music. LIFE IS GOOD!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting it straight

Since I first got into split busses one name kept popping up, Tonny Larsen. When I first saw his cars I knew why. Tonny has been into busses since childhood. His father drove them and later on in life Tonny found a 1952 beetle and he was hooked. I think you should pay www.barndoor.dk a visit if you appreciate the very earliest type 2´s. And I have to get one thing as straight as Tonnys panelvan.. The "barndoor" is in the back NOT the loading doors on the side of the vehicle!

Honey, did you remember to buy razors?

The last week has been a nightmare. Not only did my dog die, at Suvos birthday party my friend Jöbbe offered me the car of my dreams. You would think that was nice, but when you need raise a lot of money in a hurry, stress is inevitable. Now she´s home with her cousins at the workshop. Just for the hell of it I drove her through the Inspection. She had a bad tie rod end, badly adjusted lights and a rusty brakeline. I cruised the 2 km. to fill the tank.. Oh happy day! The bumpers are newly chromed and ready to assemble. The car is originally from Poland. The guy standing next to the car is the inspector.

Sorry, She had to go!

It is so sad to say goodbye to a girlfriend, even though you only knew her for a while, and only had fun with her a couple of times. My rat ghia had to go to another guy, who will now savagely manhandle her knobs, spank her engine and show her off to the guys. Even though she was an old girl, and it was visible, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And how I loved her! Jesper Vang was actually in my testament, because he loved her to. I knew he was the right owner, as he would keep her happy without restoring her.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Toy Boy wanted..

I have these old toys for sale. Any takers? If any of you toy buffers know the value, I would also like to know.

Goodbye old friend

Friday I had to put my old friend to sleep. A routine check at the vet showed cancer in his front leg. This old boy have been to so many Volkswagen events that I thought you would like to know. I burried him behind the garage, where the sun hits the grass, where he used to chill out while I worked on my cars. As a young dog his favourite toy was a heat exchanger from an old 1302. You will be missed, Moeffe

Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Hello - who will I have to fuck?"

When the boys of "John Doe Vee Dubs" send me this picture I promptly called them to know what I would have to do before mine would be done. I think the silver looks sweet against the polished rim.

We have lift off!

Wednesdays are no fun, no fun at all. Until an old friend gives you a call: Wanna, wanna go get a parts car? Its a notch. It may seem like a sour deal, but once lifted on the trailer and driven under the bright light of a gas station (dont you just love doing that?) the car was a blessing in disguise. For the type 3 buffers: Wrap around dash, "S" interior trim, a 6V Eberspächer petrol heater, accesory rear shelf speaker and one usable rear fender.