Friday, February 29, 2008

No more swap meets

For almost as long as I remember there has been a joke among the guys I usually go to swapmeets with. The other guys are hardworking people that love to get an early start, even on weekends, and especially for swapmeets. I always ridicoule them asking whether they think the legendary hebmüller deck lid will be there in the morning fog, and it never has been! Now a guy in germany makes everything you need to build your own Hebmüller. From now on we will go after the break of dawn!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tempo Tempo!

One of the old dreams just stuck it head out again. I just got a tip on a 1951 Tempo Matador. As long and sleak the ghia is as shortnosed this car is. I would love one in jet-black with yellow headlights and some really shiny fuchs.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sick at home - boring...

For the last 4 days i haven´t been able to gather enough strength to put on clothes. (I know you think its because I use hours to put on my midevil outfit) But a snotty nose is the reason, fever you know the drill. Past noon an old friend called me to come by his shop to check out a cool machine. It was vw-related and I could always go back to bed afterwards. On the picture is actually the man I bought the splitbug from - he works there too. It is a huge diving compressor driven by a 1974 1600 industrial engine. Cool, huh.. Now I´m back in bed for good - I promise!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Michaels Swiss cheese

A few weeks back I told you about my friend Michael, who always wanted a light blue oval. From his childhood in Switzerland he remembered looking after passing motorists in beetles and especially the early kind. Michael waited until that light blue oval turned up. It isn´t in perfect shape, but my friend René sold it to him at a fair price. A few parts are missing but we will sort that out. To see the look on Michaels face when he got his dream car was worth the effort. If you have any of the following parts and would like to help out a new enthusiast let me know.

MISSING PARTS (1956/57):
Correct taillights
Steering wheel
quarter windows
Left heater channel
Fuel tank
Correct decklid

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are cruising abilities enherited?

This night I had the strangest dream. The ghost of Baron Kruzz von Tipsmark visited me by my bedside and told me to get out of bed. Outside his carriage waited with six black horses and a headless driver. "Not to worry" the nobel Baron said, "we will never exceed cruising speeds". A girl looking very much like Marie Antoinette were washing the carriage while her maid played top cruiserhits on har chimballo. We cruised the medievil town of Ebeltoft for a good hour before the Baron told me he had to go home to his castle. The Baron wasn´t shy and let me take his picture in front of the ghia. "where do you pour in the hay and carrots?" the headless driver asked. I had to tell him that I was waiting for around 50 new horses, and until then I was going nowhere.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Going to Turkey

Old boring video with a turkish type 34. But check out the engine lid. Remember what I wanted for christmas?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its a match!

I saw these photos on Samba. How cool is that? A stranger made the connection clear to the current owner. I would love to have period pictures of one of my cars.

28.000 Hits • Frido girl

Frido girl says: "Excuse me sir, I've got a nice package".

Saturday, February 09, 2008


It took me a couple of hours to grasp what had just happend. As the everyday-car was eating away the miles of danish grey scenery there was minutes of complete silence in the car. Not awkwardness, just silence. My hands were holding the steeringwheel with a minimum of effort. My mind was elsewhere. Suddenly it dawned on me, why I hate enginebuilding so much. It is like buying an old horse shoe in a flea market, only to realise that you have to build the rest of the horse from spareparts that only god can tell if will fit together.

Torben the engine guy took the longblock apart and...
I bought a header the other day, which I now realise is slightly (a lot) bigger than the 1600 engine will need. Not to worry.. Build a bigger engine.. When torn down the ghia engine was a cruel mistress. Purring like a pussy when in the car, it bit my ass like a dog, going for my wallet, when removed. The fools that originally "rebuild" the engine put the pistons in the wrong way. Don´t worry - piston kits are cheap as dirt! The cylinder heads were cracked like a five dollar hooker. The flywheel mounted with the shims of another year causing endplay and the headstuds were overtightened to the point of the threads being destroyed. The polish geniuses solved that with a blow of a big mallet causing the studs to sit firmly and never to be removed from the block again. The block itself were fine but not easy to machine with the forever-studs in place. What started out as a cheap check up to inspect and cure pistons, sleeves and rings probably turns into a 1745 ccm. with a longer stroke and the original bore. All i need now is the rest of the horse!

K.I.S.S - Keep • It • Simple • Stupid

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Visit Jurgen

But be carefull! Jurgen is possibly the most type34virus infected man i´ve come across. He owns and drives no less than four razor edge ghias. A electric sunroof model, a cabriolet, a white one and his famous police car dragster. Sadly there is no remedy against type 34 virus and Jurgen will probably eventually buy even more of these cars.

A change of heart

I was never really an engine-kinda-guy. I used to have a type 4 engine in my bug and I used to hate changing parts all the time. Adjusting carbs and generally trying to reinvent what an army of german engineers had thought long and hard about before building and letting evolve over 60 years. But it tought me one thing. To pull engines and to put them back in faster than your average sexual debut. My house project and the fact that I'm without a real workshop have made my engine-pullling days stop. But sunday we had a lot of friends over for brunch (a couple of them vw people) and the itch to pull a nice dirty engine got me. Looking at my finger nails, they were just to damn clean. The ghia is sitting in my one car garage together with the splitbeetle. It is looking perfect but one thing has to be fixed before hitting the roads again. Sitting for years in a museum in Poland the cylinderrings are a bit stuck causing oil to blow by. The exhaust was destroyed somewhere between Mantorp and my home. So I decided to find a cure. I pulled the engine and realized just how sweet and sound this car actually is. Everything is like new on the engine. Nice powder-black tin all over and no oilhaze in the bay. Next weekend my friend Torben will inspect the compression and hopefully put on the "Turbothomas" sidewinder type 3 exhaust I just found second hand. If I had the money maybe a nice torquey +2 liter type 1 with a horizontal Porsche cooling system would cause a change of heart?

Monday, February 04, 2008