Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Autostadt - Auslander raus!

Thursday the Guldborg family, Betina and I went for a long weekend in Wolfsburg. The trip to Wolfsburg were a doddle, finding the hotel, Holiday Inn was a challenge but easily overcome. Friday we visitited "Autostadt", which to me was a great disappointment. Everything was in german only. There was employees of "Volkswagen Communications" everywhere, but not a single one mastered any language but german. When I saw a girl with "ASK ME" printed on her t-shirt I thought we could get some information, but she didn´t even know what the words meant. The trip through the factory was arranged for owners of new Volkswagens due to pick them up. The speaker would have a great future ahead of him if german rapmusic would ever get popular. We didn´t get one word of information. I will not recomend anyone to waste a day in Autostadt unless you speak perfect german and love to stand around at the local vw dealership. The worst experience was the Lamborghini house. One lousy yellow car stripped of its internals and hung on the wall. To get people to stand around a lightshow with poor quality german music lasting 15 minutes tortured our ears to the bleeding point. The Timetravel house presented a few great cars mostly there to be ridiculed by new-car owners. Their 1950 split was full of period-wrong parts and was actually not a 1950 model. We forgot to take a picture of the jewel of the collection the Beutler Porsche, which nobody seemed to notice. We made the best of the day, going to a great steakhouse, laughing of the tasteless decorating.

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