Sunday, October 01, 2006

The absolutely-not-yellow submarine

May I present the absolutely-not-yellow submarine. My Friend Guller has been in the perimeter of the volkswagenscene for years. Sneeking in at events looking at the v-dubs as if he was a boy pressing his nose at the window in a candy store. But Guller is no newcommer to driving old cars. He previously owned a 58 Opel with a sleek two-tone paintjob. Finally he took the bate and bought this swedish bus last winter. During the summer we overhauled the brakes, so that he could actually try driving it before diving into a yearlong restoration proces. After attending a few shows, the job is started. Everything is dismantled, labelled and stored in zip-bags. Guller is determined to do it right. Just look at the pictures - THIS GUY IS DEAD SERIOUS!

The greasemonkey is hired help...

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