Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last call for Kalø

It was enevitable. The darkness, the mosquitos and the chilling breeze would finally kill my spirit. I will not go to Kalø for anymore tuesdays this year. No more cool cars, no more hot dogs from Gullers "Smokey Joe", No more butterflys in the stomach when you pull in to the crowded area. The fall is here and I´m absolutely gutted about it. In 6 1/2 months Hannover will be calling. I feel like a lovesick young man going on a half year submarine mission. Tuesday I saw this blast from the past. I remember seing this car for the first time at Bug Bash about 8-10 years ago, though in a different hue with checkers on the back. The guy who owned it is from Randers and have never heard of SP Rasmussen and his squareback. You guys should hook up.

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