Monday, October 09, 2006

A blind mans puzzle

Howcome some people always have the prerogative of buying uncomplete cars?
Well i´m that guy. But this car is finally coming together. I am surprised how many split era parts is out there.
Here´s a shot of the more recent parts i bought. The other shot is of the pan now with its NOS 30 hp. engine.
I have purchased a lot of the parts to get it looking more 25 hp like. Peter Plade found a real nice distributor with out the vacum advancement. With my NOS split era cap I think it will look real nice. My friend Lars had all the original bolts and small parts cad-plated. Kylle made up a set of brake pipes. I still need to buy the usual bits n´bobs for the brakes though.

The body is more or less ready for the painter. Jesper Vang has welded in new panels from Wolf Parts where needed. The most daunting task was the panel under the rear windows. He called it "the mosquito net" as it had suffered badly from tin worm.
Jesper welded in a piece of an old ovalroof. The outer skin of the donor was badly dented so it wasn´t a loss.

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