Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Duelunds Delight

This sweet ride belongs to my friend Christian Duelund. Christian started out with a multicoloured super beetle of the 1303 range. After a couple of years of collecting parts for the roundnosed model, Christian opted for a car of earlier vintage. The 1964 type 1 you see here was collected in Sweden and had a very low stance, a nice colour and a restofeel to it. Christian and I made the necesary repairs to get the car through the obligatory inspection. The car was enjoyed for a couple of years before disaster struck and a lady rammed the looker in a parking lot. Christian bit the bullet and for the next three months we changed heaterchannels, innerwings and a lot of other bits and bobs. Good friend René painted the shell before the ride was once again hiting the streets. Christian love the resto look and the car is constantly evolving. Polished Fuchs is one of many neat tricks.
As you can see he´s not afraid to use the damn thing - this car has been in Spa, Venlo and Hannover under own power.

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