Monday, October 02, 2006


My friend Søren "SP" Rasmussen send me these pictures from the psycedelic realms of "Angoraland". These guys are really narrowminded. They love the look of vintage steel with wheels tucked nice and tight under stock fenders. On visit this day was Anders Juhl from the influential club MIB in Aalborg, a club known for its extremely high quality and standard. Anders yellow split has won numerous awards, yet is still functional and not a trailerqueen. Jesper Vang is the creator of the "Ultrarat". This car is build with lots of new ideas and high tech products, once you go beneath that incredible patina. The structural integrity of the car is not compromized, rust is only skin deep. Jespers attitude goes perfect with the look, but when you get to know him he is really a nice guy.

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