Monday, November 12, 2007

One butt-ugly reindeer

On saturday 5 oildrippers took the opportunity to be part of the weird vibe a party at John Doe V-dubs always oozes. Driving along in Annettes cruiser my mind wandered of. What will happen this time.. Will engines be burnt off? Will there be cross-dressing? I had no idea. Things started of a little slow. Maybe hardcore hip hop music doesnt go to well with the traditional but excellent christmas menu? But shortly into dinner Flenne decided a short burn out session would highten the spirit of the party. Soon after the boys had another of their really bad but extremely entertaining ideas. Lets blow compressed air into a jacket while somebody is wearing it! Jens Bukbjerg of Herning Bugs was first in line. After the half hour session his body had the marks of blood poisining or a really kinky bondage habbit. Guller promptly decided to make things explode as always. As allways we had a really good time. On the way home we talked about what makes this club so great. In the workshops you can see cars from both ends of the spectre. Bone stock oval of Jens grill bill was as cool as Flennes +200 hp type 1 or Nørholms bay camper. There is NO club code here.

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