Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesteryear was great

Sometimes I just stand around at car-shows. I don't look at the cars. Maybe it's due to my excessive use of a certain sugar rich softdrink, but I just get in "the zone" and become a complete zombie. I do hear what people around me say though. Much like when people remember being submitted to surgery, feeling wide awake. Of course I hear ignorant people thrashing other peoples cars, or old men knowing better, stating that semaphores continued well into the seventies, just when the split frontscreen stopped? But I also hear people saying: "Wonder if they had continued that model" - "Picking up a brand new type 3 ghia would be great!" Think again.. This picture shows the succesor to the type 3 ghia, never produced. I like yesterday a lot more now, knowing how horrible tomorrow actually could look.

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