Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Goodbye to the workshop

Yesterday I started moving cars from the workshop to my home adress. It was kind of sad but still the bitter pill came with the promise of a new beginning. I loved being able to drive the three out of five cars by their own power. Remember the ghia is still at the painters. The most fun was driving the fastback. I haven't driven her for a full year. Last summer I installed an electric fuel pump and new fuel lines, and she fired right up. She used to be the one car that needed the most persuation. I also bought 3 new batteries.


Anonymous said...

You just call me if you need any help with the moving my friend.


vang said...

Ditto... like I told you last time we spoke! vang

Gustav_t said...

Thanks guys - movin' the stuff isn't to big a problem.. where to put it is another can of worms! I'll show you in a few days how many cars can be stuffed in 36 square meters.