Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is NOT fiber

I´ve been really busy working these last couple of weeks and not much have been happening carwise. I can´t let you down though. So here´s a pic of the SPII. I am patiently waiting for the fiber-buggy-industry to create a replica of this baby. If they did, would I enrole myself in a kit car club?


Anonymous said...

Nemlig ja :-)
Den går jeg også og venter på.. Ellers må man vel til Brasilien et par måneder og lede, når man bliver gammel, fed og rig.

Anonymous said...

You look like that anoying bald bloke from Boyd Conington's shop.... Dwain.... hahaha

Tell me your not him, or I'll never read your blog again.


Gustav_t said...

No, i´m the fat, long haired guy from orange county choppers. Keep on reading...